Team Colliander @ SETI @ Home

Unfortenately the seti project changed their code and programme. After not only zillions of sponsored cpu time from basically all of our systems, including all free cpu cycles from Compartment Webbhotell - one of swedens best webhosting providers - but also (hundreds of?) thousands other users, the 'thank you' from the berkeley university/seti project is not easy to understand. This has scared many people away from the project but we are now again using it with their new client and urge others also to take it up and help looking for E.T. with otherwise wasted (free, unused) cpu cycles!

We are open again!

SETI @ Home at Berkeley have not thrown away your old information and credits. We are writing a new program to use to install the software on selected systems and will not use all our servers as we used to with the old code.

Current stats:

Thanks to Compartment webhotell who sponsored us with hardware, software, servers etc and let us use all free cpu cycles from their servers and systems.

Team compartment is a member of TEAM Colliander @ SETI